A New Look and a Few Changes

I hope that those of you who have been following my blog are still here and aren’t having any problems finding my posts. I have decided to change some things to transform it from a simple blog to a full website. That is why there are tabs at the top of the page that you can click on to navigate to what it is you are interested in, whether it is reading my blog posts, finding out “About” me, seeking my “Editing Services” or interested in having me read your book and write a review, or finding out more about writings I have published. It should all be easier to navigate.

In addition, I am working on cleaning up my categories as well. When I finish that, there will be no more than ten category choices for you to find particular posts you are interested in.

I also hope you noticed the change in the subtitle or quote of my website, which is now “A Story Without Love is Empty”. I came up with this quote and decided it fits my website and my writing very well, as I cannot seem to write any story, whether my novel-in-progress, or my flash fiction stories without including love in the story, whether it is a romantic love or love of another kind.

The one change I have decided to make as far as blog posts go, is that I will no longer be posting Tea and Poetry posts on Tuesdays. I really want my posts to be things my readers will look forward to seeing, and I want them to be relevant to the things I do: writing, editing, reading and reviewing books, and poetry is not something I believe I do well or am really comfortable writing. Therefore, beginning this coming Tuesday, the new Tuesday posts will be titled and under the category “Timeless Tuesdays” as the novel I am currently working on and those that will follow in the, hopefully near future, are historical romance stories. My “Timeless Tuesday” posts will be tidbits about the historical period, places, and other tidbits in regard to my upcoming novel. Monday posts will continue to be Book Reviews, Wednesdays will continue to be “Wordless Wednesdays” that feature my photographs of things that capture my eye when I get to be out and about, and Fridays will continue to feature my Flash Fictions stories which are usually more Contemporary Romance or Women’s Fiction, but in which I may also occasionally explore the YA Romance and Fantasy genres.

The last thing I want to mention, and hope you will look forward to, is that I will soon be creating an e-newsletter that you will be able to sign up for in order to receive special news, updates on my upcoming novel(s), Flash Fiction stories not posted on the blog, and occasional freebies.


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