Thursday’s Thoughts, Questions, and Comments About Writing

Just wanted to take a couple minutes today to offer a reminder and ask a couple questions.

Reminder: There is just one week left to share your short story based on the writing prompt that I shared here two weeks ago. One writer shared her short story in the comments section of the post. If you haven’t read it, check it out. It might inspire you to write something. Also, you can post your own in the comments section if it is 500 words or less. If it’s longer than 500 words, you can email it to me and I will post it in a “Special Saturday” post, or, if you have a blog, post it to your blog and put a link to it in the comments section of my post for the writing prompt so that people who read here will still be able to read and like it for you.

Question: I have an idea to help those of you who are interested in being part of an online writing group. I would like to know how many of you there are, so please, if you are seriously interested in an online writing group, let me know in the comments section below: 1) that you are interested, and 2) what exactly are you looking for in a writer’s group?

Question: What do you struggle with most in your writing?

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