No Place to Hide by Opa Hysea Wise

No Place to Hide Book Cover.png

As a reviewer, I received a request for an honest review and an ebook copy of No Place to Hide by Opa Hysea Wise.

About the Book:

This book is advertised as a riveting page-turner, a suspenseful page-turner, and a thrilling fast-paced new mystery. It also mentions that Smythe, the main character, seeks to find meaning in the events that threaten her life, and that she uses her past experience to find meaning in her present, and she begins to see beauty in the midst of chaos.

My Review:

This was not a riveting, fast-past, thrilling page-turner. There were a few moments of suspense, but the action was not well written or descriptive enough to create substantial suspense. Yet there were in depth detailed descriptions of rooms. The majority of the book covers Smythe’s internal struggles and includes mostly narrative and dialogue.

The mystery begins the story, then is left out, for the most part, until the last third of the book. However, the mystery is never resolved to my satisfaction.

I found the majority of the story repetitive and slow-paced. It was also filled with a lot of New Age and Eastern Mysticism ideas. It mentions Christianity in a critical light and pretty much dismisses it.

A lesbian relationship begins to develop between Smythe and her hired protector. Thankfully, the author didn’t make this a main point or present it in detail.

There were several places where the author changed character point-of-view without any warning and I found myself having to go back and reread one to three paragraphs to figure out whose point-of-view I was reading.

Therefore, in conclusion, I was mostly disappointed with this story, and I give it three stars.

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