Let’s Get Real as we say, “Goodbye” to 2020.

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

I hope those of you who have been reading my blog have missed seeing my posts as much as I have missed writing them, but as I’m sure you all know, 2020 was an unusual year, and a difficult year for just about everyone.

I took a break from writing here – first, because I wanted to finish the revisions on what I still hope will be my upcoming first novel; and second, to dig into The Creative Way, a writing course designed and taught by Ted Dekker.

However, those reasons for a blog writing break soon turned into something much more pressing as my dad spent a week in the hospital for something that didn’t seem like a big deal but soon had us preparing to say goodbye to him. With very little warning, he was diagnosed with cancer, which none of us ever suspected or expected, and we were told he only had weeks to live.

My heart was burdened because my dad had not yet given his heart to Jesus. I had been praying for years and now time was running out. I began to pray more fervently that the Lord wouldn’t let my dad die until he asked Jesus into his heart.

The Lord answered my prayer in the way I hoped He would, and Dad had an opportunity to ask Jesus into his heart, and he did, just two days before he was released from the hospital and returned home by ambulance, placed under the care of Hospice and my mother, my sister, and I.

Dad died just one day short of being home two weeks and just five days after Thanksgiving. We shed tears for our loss, and, of course we will miss him, but we have peace in the knowledge that he is with Jesus and we will see him again someday.

Because of the difficulties, challenges, and tensions of 2020, I have decided to begin posting differently here on my blog. It will be a slow process of building back up to the number of posts I was posting before, and for a while, I will also be taking a break from all of my writing related posts. I will still post book reviews as I am still reading, though I have slowed that down for right now as well. I will be posting a Book Review this coming Monday, January 11th. However, my other posts will be of a more personal nature. I will share whatever the Lord lays on my heart as I continue to walk through these troubling times. It is my hope that these posts may be of encouragement to you—maybe, showing you that someone else is experiencing some of the same things you have or are experiencing; that someone feels the same way you do or thinks some of the same thoughts you do. More importantly, I will do my best to point you to hope because even in these troubling times, hope is still alive and can still be found if you’re willing to be open and maybe consider something you’ve chosen not to consider before.

I hope you will still enjoy visiting my blog and that you will find encouragement and hope here.

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