The Waiting is Difficult

Photo by Christian Chen on Unsplash

If you are like me, you feel like you’re sitting on pins and needles or waiting for the ball to drop as we wait to see what will happen in our country tomorrow on inauguration day. Our country is divided and many are still looking for something to happen that would keep President Trump in the White House while others think Joe Biden will make everything better.

And, of course, the question remains–will there be riots and violence on Wednesday because of those who will be unhappy, frustrated, and angry at the results. We thought 2020 was tumultuous and hoped things would go back to “normal” by the end of the year. Then the election was a farce and a fiasco. Then President Trump spoke outside the Capital on January 6th and a group of people broke into the White House, and once again, emotions are running high and divisions have been driven deeper.

I try not to post anything political here or anywhere on social media for the most part, but whatever happens on Wednesday will affect every single person in this country, and we are wondering if the United States will remain a free and great country or if it will fall and become a Communist country. People are angry, worried, frightened, and many other emotions are running rampant.

I, too, have my concerns and fears of what Wednesday’s inauguration will bring, and I sincerely hope our country will somehow rise from the ashes like a phoenix and become reunited and healed stronger than ever. However, I believe the only way this can or will happen is in the hands of Almighty God. This country was founded on the principles of people who believed in God and wanted to live in the freedoms granted by God.

Over the years, the United States has turned its back on God and sinful behaviors have become accepted behaviors–many have even become accepted in churches. So, dare we hope and pray that God will renew our nation to the Christian free nation that it used to be? Many no longer want to hear the word “Christian” in this nation, and there are those who want to end Christianity in this country.

As a believer, I have been praying and continue praying for this nation — praying for God’s forgiveness and mercy–for another chance. For I believe that God is in control and every leader this country has ever had or will have has been allowed to lead by Almighty God.

Despite my prayers, and the prayers of others like me, God may decide to let our country fall to teach us a lesson, for in the midst of a pandemic, many continue to turn a blind eye to the Lord. Many mock God and mock anyone who claims to be a believer and tries to live obediently to Him, just like the people in the days of Noah.

I don’t doubt some will read this post and scoff at it, mock it, ignore it, or want to argue with me, and I’m okay with that. I’m not trying to tell anyone what they should think or believe. I am simply sharing my thoughts and hoping this post might help someone, or cause someone to pick up a Bible and begin reading, or just think about where their hope comes from. We all need hope, but placing our hope in the wrong thing can eventually lead us to hopelessness, and hopelessness is a dangerous and lonely place to be.

As I wait with both concern and anticipation, I will continue to pray for God’s forgiveness and mercy. But, whether or not, He chooses to grant forgiveness and mercy, I will continue to put my faith and trust in Him above all men, for I have seen and experienced God’s power at work many times in my life.

2 thoughts on “The Waiting is Difficult

  1. I too fear for this country. As we continue to lean to the extreme Left, we leave God further and further behind. I fear we will reap what we have been sowing. Especially as we continue to defend abortion as a reproductive right and not open our eyes to the heinous sin it truly is, harming both mother and child. I pray our eyes will be opened before it is too late.


    • Yes, Chris,
      It is sad as I read about all the things that President Trump did to stop so many
      abortions and to reduce or take away funding from Planned Parenthood, that now
      we are to get a president who wants to again fund Planned Parenthood and focus
      on the women’s health and choice, not the babies and the effects on the women’s
      mental and emotional state. I, too, fear that we are about to reap what we have
      been sowing.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting.


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