The Holiday Bride by Claire Sanders

The Holiday Bride by Claire Sanders

As a Book Reviewer, I received a free copy of The Holiday Bride by Claire Sanders for my honest review. The Holiday Bride by Claire Sanders is the second book in “The Masons of Brightfield” series. Ms. Sanders continues to write great sweet romance stories with a touch of humor, and this novel even included a bit of a mystery.

In The Holiday Bride, Andrew Mason has been in love with Hildy for years and finally believes it’s the right time to let her know his feelings for her. However, one problem after another prevents them from building a relationship, including another man. Hildy believes the other man would be perfect in her father’s eyes. However, Andrew, in his jealousy, stumbles across some incriminating information about the other man. This information takes Andrew on a fascinating journey to find out more with the hopes of winning Hildy in the end.

Ms. Sanders creates captivating characters that feel like friends. She paints pictures with her words and brings many smiles and occasional chuckles to her readers’ lips. She creates a plot with a pace that keeps the reader turning page after page late into the night.

The Holiday Bride is original in that Andrew is the main character, although we get plenty of Hildy’s point of view as well. It was very interesting to follow Andrew’s point of view in this story and I came to value the originality of Andrew’s character. He was engaging, unique, intelligent, and lovable.

After reading the first two books in “The Masons of Brightfield” series by Claire Sanders, I have become a fan of Ms. Sanders books and look forward to reading more.

I give The Holiday Bride 5 stars.

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