Songwriter Night (a musical romance) by D.G. Driver

Songwriter Night by D.G. Driver

As a Book Reviewer, I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

Songwriter Night by D. G. Driver is a very unique story. I found it engaging and entertaining.

About the Book:
Trish is new in Nashville, TN. She’s chasing her dream of becoming a songwriter in the Country Music capitol of the U.S.A. Not long after she arrives, she sits in a coffee shop working on some lyrics when she meets Lyle. Lyle is a native in Nashville, but he, too, is chasing the elusive songwriting dream. He’s struck by her voice as he hears her humming a tune he’s never heard before. They talk a little and he invites her to the house, he shares with a friend, for their monthly Friday night “songwriter night”. She accepts.

From there, the reader is introduced to a small group of artistic people who all have a love for writing, mostly music. What an interesting group it is.

My Review:
D. G. Driver created a very simple plot line. It lacks the usual intensity, but there are some conflicts that keep the reader turning pages. The writing is also sparse on descriptive setting details, but there is enough for the reader to envision the two settings where the story takes place. Another uncommon aspect of the book are the descriptions told of the characters’ actions.

The best thing about this read is that the characters are each so wonderfully distinct in personality and voice that they each paint their own quirkiness in the reader’s mind. They also fascinate and bring an occasional chuckle and an occasional groan.

A very unique fun thing about this book is that D.G. Driver has included the original songs that each of her characters share at “Songwriter Night”. She even has them recorded for audio readers to actually hear. I didn’t receive the audio, but Ms. Driver has samples on her website that I listened to and I was impressed at the quality of the recordings. Made me almost wish I’d have gotten the audio.

After reading the story, I read the information about Ms. Driver at the back of the book. That’s how I discovered why this story is so unusual and written the way that it is. In addition to writing, Ms. Driver is also very involved in theater, or was until Covid shut down live theaters. When that happened, Ms. Driver, who also thoroughly enjoys listening to cast albums of Broadway musicals, got the unique idea to write a book/audiobook in this one-of-a-kind, (as far as I know), story.

If you love cute romance stories unlike any others you’ve read, you’re sure to enjoy Songwriter Night. If you are an artist or someone who appreciates the arts of music and writing, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this story as well. If you’re just someone looking for a fun, quick, easy read this book’s for you too.

I give Songwriter Night 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Songwriter Night (a musical romance) by D.G. Driver

  1. Thank you so much for this review. I’m so glad you liked it. If anyone chooses to read Songwriter Night (as opposed to listening to the audiobook), we have made all the songs available on spotify, apple music, amazon music, youtube and other music streaming services.


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