Just the Boost I Needed

Ever since Covid started, I have had many days where I struggled to be able to write here on the blog, on my novel, a short story, a flash fiction story. It didn’t matter, I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t find my creativity. My idea bank seemed to be depleted. I was easily distracted.

Today I saw someone had liked my last Book Review and I became curious about this person, so I clicked on his icon, which led me to his blog, and WOW! This guy has liked some of my past posts, but I never bothered to take the time to see what he was doing. Today I am so glad that I found his blog.

His name is Christian Mihai. He’s a young man whose blog is loaded with wisdom and talent. I read a couple of his posts today, but one, in particular, seemed to be exactly what I needed to read.

If you are a writer or an artist, or anyone who has a dream, I highly recommend you visit Christian Mihai’s blog and read this post.

I don’t often read too many other blogs. I just don’t have the time, but I will definitely be reading more of Mr. Mihai’s blog posts. He has inspired me and I greatly appreciate what he does on https://christianmihai.net

2 thoughts on “Just the Boost I Needed

  1. That was a very powerful post you linked to! I browsed his site a bit and was surprised to learn that English isn’t his first language. O_O Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve barely touched a pen in nearly 2 years for various reasons. Mostly it all came down to did it really matter anyway (yes, it did, but I struggled with seeing it for a while). Thanks to the author’s group on MeWe I’ve got some motivation returning, momentum building. We’ll see where it all ends up…

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    • Thanks for your comment. I also was surprised that English isn’t his first language. You would never know it by reading his posts.

      I’m glad you’re finding motivation on the MeWe author’s group. I’m really enjoying that group and all the groups I have joined on MeWe. I really like MeWe in general.


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