VIDAS: Deep in Mexico and Spain by Edward Stanton

VIDAS: Deep in Mexico and Spain by Edward Stanton is a travel memoir. It is nonfiction, which I do not read a lot. As a Book Reviewer, I was asked to read and review this book. I agreed to read and review it because I have never been to either Spain or Mexico but have always wanted to go because I studied the Spanish language in high school and love the language and all that I learned about Spain from my teacher.

VIDAS: Deep in Mexico and Spain begins with Edward in Mexico in his teen years and as the book continues, he ages and travels to Spain as well. Edward shares about some of the many people he met in his travels — people who impacted his life. His descriptions of these people and the experiences he had in these places are very colorful. The details of his experiences paint pictures in the reader’s mind and bring the people and places to life.

I especially liked the second half of the book and found his stories of the running of the bulls and the bullfights exciting.

There was just one thing that made the book a challenge to read, and that is that the author jumps from first person, to second person, to third person narration a lot, sometimes in the same sentence.

If you enjoy stories about people in other places, you will want to read this book, as long as you can overlook the changing narration. For me, the stories, especially in the second half of the book were worth reading. I have always enjoyed learning about the lives and cultures of people in other countries.

I give this book 4 stars.

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