Frogtown Pandemic by Lief Olson

Frogtown Pandemic- Part I (Frogtown Series Book 1) by [Lief Olson]

Frogtown Pandemic Part 1 is the first short novel written by Lief Olson. I purchased this book as it sounded intriguing to me, so the author did not request a review from me, but I have decided to share my honest review of the book on my own.

Mr. Olson wrote this book during the 2020 world pandemic and published it on June 4, 2021. This book is a quick easy read, and Mr. Olson includes historical events, as well as quotes from the founding documents of the United States. He not only includes issues in today’s world, but also issues from our history, dating back to the American Revolution.

His historical facts are accurate and the story is interesting. There is an ongoing battle between the Toads and the Frogs, with the Frogs representing the patriots who battled against “taxation against representation” and more.

Though it only took me four days to read it, I can’t say that I was really drawn into the story or that I really enjoyed it, as it was clear that Mr. Olson wrote the story quickly, and my assumption as to why would be that because it includes a viral pandemic, he wanted to publish it because of its current and timely material. However, because he wrote it quickly, it also appears that he didn’t employ the help of an editor before publishing. It includes many grammatical errors and breaks the long-standing rule, in the writing world, of “show, don’t tell”. The majority of the story is told.

However, despite the lack of edits, Frogtown Pandemic is worth the read if you enjoy history and engaging your brain in thoughts regarding conservative political theory and past and current events.

I give Frogtown Pandemic 3 stars.

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