Muck World by C. G. Lewis

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As a Book Reviewer, I received a free ebook copy of Muck World by C. G. Lewis and this is my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor any review.

Muck World by C. G. Lewis is a Dystopian Fiction book and the first book in the Ever Rain series. A global superstorm has destroyed civilization and survivors have fled to higher ground. Jessie and her parents are among those living in old bunkers and doing their best to survive.

Now another threat, the Citadel, made up of the rich and powerful and their army, are tracking those who have survived the storm and taking them prisoners for slave labor. Jessie’s parents and Calvin’s father have been captured and Jessie and Calvin have a plan. But they will need to convince the nearest town to join forces with them in an attempt to free their parents and defeat the Citadel.

Just before beginning the arduous journey, Jessie finds her mom’s diary and as she reads it, she discovers shocking secrets that could change her life forever.

C. G. Lewis did a great job creating a post apocalyptic world and interesting characters. He also created multiple interconnected story lines and weaves a complicated story without losing the reader along the way. I was engaged by the story line and could feel the cold rain and slippery mud that is a major part of this world. The characters all had definite individual personalities and voices.

Jessie came through as a strong leader despite the internal conflict she’s dealing with in response to the secrets she found in her mom’s diary.

I was definitely invested in Muck World and look forward to reading the next book in the Ever Rain series.

I recommend Muck World to any YA through Adult readers who enjoy Dystopian Fiction and stories that include adventure.

I give Muck World by C. G. Lewis 5 stars.

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