Spies Never Quit by M. Taylor Christensen

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As a Book Reviewer, I received a free ebook copy of Spies Never Quit by M. Taylor Christensen and this is my honest review. I was not required to write a positive nor any review.

Spies Never Quit by M. Taylor Christensen is the first book in the “Banana Girls” series. Mari Sandoval’s mother is kidnapped and the kidnappers tell Mari she must break into her mother’s research lab and get them some information from her mother’s most recent research. However, when Mari attempts to follow the kidnapper’s demands, she is thwarted by some sorority girls.

Mari ends up moving in with the sorority girls for her protection and for their help. It turns out the sorority girls are none other than the “Banana Girls”–spies! Mari wants to help free her mother, so the Banana Girls help her get a job inside the company they suspect is connected to the kidnapper.

In addition to working under cover, Mari must flirt with a couple of the men in the company in order to gain information that could lead her to her mother.

Spies Never Quit is a fun read full of adventure, danger, fight scenes, and romance. I found the first chapter or two a bit slow-paced, but after that, I couldn’t stop turning pages. The Banana Girls are a unique group of girls who are making their way through college life, while working as spies on the side. In addition to all of their yellow Banana vehicles, they all have rhyming names, and they each bring a special skill to the group that helps them with their missions.

M. Taylor Christensen has created interesting characters the reader enjoys following through adventures while rooting for them to crack the case and save Mari’s mom from the kidnappers. M. Taylor Christensen also created a fun romantic interest in the middle of Mari’s struggle to release her mom, in the form of a sweet character named Trey who works in the company. He flirts with Mari and lets her know he’s interested, and when Mari decides to take a chance and trust him, he helps her find time within her workday to explore the entire building complex of the company.

Between heart pounding suspense, action-packed fight scenes, some humorous dialogue lines, and the sweet romance, you won’t want to put the book down.

The suspense, danger, and fight scenes are not explicitly violent nor graphic, and the romance is clean.

If you enjoy fun clean reads, you will enjoy Spies Never Quite by M. Taylor Christensen.

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