Reluctantly Yours by Jessica Marie Holt

Reluctantly Yours: A Granny Matchmaker Romantic Comedy (Granny Pact Book 1) by [Jessica Marie Holt]

As a Book Reviewer, this is my honest review of Reluctantly Yours by Jessica Marie Holt. I was not required to write a positive review nor any review.

Reluctantly Yours by Jessica Marie Holt is a delightful, humorous clean romance story. Ellie and June have been friends forever and have shared many adventures and made many memories together. However, now they are facing what may be the greatest challenge they have ever faced. But they have a plan – the Granny Pact.

Ellie’s grandson, James, is unmarried, as is June’s granddaughter, Sarah, and these grandmothers have vowed to help their grandchildren’s romantic happiness along, whatever it takes. But James and Sarah aren’t so easy to convince, and these two have a past that their grandmother’s don’t know about, which complicates everything.

If you enjoy clean sweet romantic comedy novels, you’ll enjoy Reluctantly Yours by Jessica Marie Holt. The delightful scheming grandmothers are endearing as they try to help their grandchildren fall in love, as they both want what’s best for their grandchildren, and the thought of actually being family after all these years is appealing to them as well. Their antics to influence this romance are humorous as their grandchildren begin to wonder what is wrong with their grandmothers.

James and Sarah aren’t easily convinced that romance is in the cards for them, but they make some attempts at spending time with each other just to humor their grandmothers. However, their past continues to prevent any new blossom of romance. Will they be able to put the past behind them?

Jessica Marie Holt has created realistic characters with flaws and weaknesses and real-life struggles. They could be one of your family members, one of your friends, or maybe one of your neighbors. This story and its characters are engaging and will live on in your memory even after you turn the last page and close the book or e-reader.

Reluctantly Yours by Jessica Marie Holt is well written and fun to read. It’s a quick, easy read.

I give Reluctantly Yours by Jessica Marie Holt 5 stars.

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