The Coffee Shop (A Poem)

The Coffee Shop
by Kelly F. Barr

Oh the hustle and bustle
Over coffee and tea;
Regular or latte–
What flavor will it be?

People chatting, eating,
Looking at their phones;
Conducting business, studying,
Or writing in their zone.

Those who need a pick-me-up
Make it their early morning stop.
Others leisurely sip their choice
At their favorite coffee shop.

A Writer’s Lament (A Poem)

A Writer’s Lament
by Kelly F. Barr

Characters and ideas crowd my mind
In numbers enough to fill many books.
My psyche races, my heart thuds.
But my fingers on the keyboard fall behind.

People in my head won’t leave me alone
Constantly nudging me to peck at the keys.
Their loves, their struggles, their adventures
They want made known.

If only there were enough hours to flesh them out.
My jotted notes on endless scraps of paper
Do nothing to quiet them.
“Write faster,” they shout.

My forehead breaks out in a sweat
Through each day filled with endless tasks
My brain creates scene after scene.
Two years and not a single novel finished yet.

Blood pulses to my brain
Pushing to find the proper words
In sequence without repetition,
While my heart hopes this work is not in vain.

The Briskness of Fall by Kelly F. Barr

The Briskness of Fall
by Kelly F. Barr

Fall comes in
With a chilly breeze;
I am enthralled by a ballet
Of dancing leaves.

Through leaves on the ground
Playful, busy squirrels scamper;
In my front yard, robins abound
Fueling their bodies as temps become damper.

Soon they’ll fly south and others will follow.
As the cold winds blow, less songs the birds sing
Will reach my ears as I stay warm; my heart a bit hollow,
Until robins and warm breezes return in the spring.

Misty and the Children by Kelly F. Barr

Misty and the Children
by Kelly F. Barr

Lots of voices float through the air;
The laughter of children tickles my ears.
Multiple grades and ages; as Misty sits and stares.
Her tiny head and ears twitch at the sounds of the dears.

Misty’s little body usually trembles and she barks loudly
For she was a rescued dog and people cause her fear.
Right now she sits alone, upright, proudly
Until the chattering children draw near.

Then she rises, body shaking, as she moves away.
The younger children would like to touch her
But she runs to her owner where she stays
As she watches and in her throat rumbles a “grrr”!

The Moral Code

The Moral Code
by Kelly F. Barr

Manners, respect, and consideration–
These things seem to be lost
in the current generation.
Kindness seems to have a cost.

Self has risen to the top
Of every desire, every thought.
Authority and rules should drop
Unless infringement upon them is caught.

A negative word about negative behavior
And touting character and strong morals
Makes me judgmental; a hater,
While they spew judgment in plurals.

Just below the surface, anger burns–
A wrong look or wrong word and it explodes.
Oh, how my heart yearns
For a return to the moral code.

A Poem of Sorts

I’m not sure I can really call this a poem, but it just came together as I was doing some research on Disney characters, which will be explained further in my upcoming Monday post. Enjoy!

Famous Characters From Books
by Kelly F. Barr

Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Ariel,
Alice, Elsa and Olaf, Peter Pan;
What do these characters all have in common?
“Disney”, you say;
Yes, but they didn’t start there.
All of these characters were based on literature–
Many were classics.

Authors like P.L. Travers, A.A. Milne,
Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll, and James M. Barrie
Penned these original characters.
So if you want to really know these characters,
Take a look between the covers of these great books:
Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, The Little Mermaid,
Alice in Wonderland,
The Snow Queen, and the play, “Peter Pan”.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains
by Kelly F. Barr

Your two big brothers are grown;
And you felt they left you alone.
However, you still have Mom and Dad–
This new normal made you sad and mad.

The first year was tough
Because you didn’t think Mom and Dad were enough.
You rebelled;
Your mother’s frustration swelled.

But we managed to survive,
And now our second year has arrived.
You have learned time with Mom and Dad can be fun
And today a new family tradition has begun.

You’re learning that trailing a bit behind
May have blessings of an unexpected kind.
Now maybe you can look forward to each coming year
With true hopefulness, contentment and cheer.

Tea and Books

I do not know if this poem style has a name. Yes, it includes some rhymes, but not in the usual places and not in any sort of scheme. I simply wrote this, freewriting, telling of a couple of things I love. I hope you enjoy it.

Tea and Books
by Kelly F. Barr

Nothing is more relaxing than snuggling in a chair
With a cup of tea and a good book.
Oh the taste of loose-leaf teas in so many flavors
Or convenient tea bags of Oolong, Chamomile, or my favorite–Chai!
And, oh so many books to choose from!

Have you ever taken a look between the pages of a book?
So many wonderful things to find including things that will grow your mind.
Nonfiction choices are informative, inspirational, and educational.
Fiction choices offer adventure, excitement, romance and more.
Fiction can even keep you on the edge of your seat.

Fiction brings you danger, intrigue, suspense, and love.
Fictional characters are heroes, villains, children, youth, and adults
That capture your heart despite their faults.
Characters face trials, disappointments and failures;
They learn and grow and change before the last page.

A good book draws you into the story and makes you fall in love
With places, a time period, or one or more characters.
A good book becomes a close friend and breaks your heart when it ends.
The story or the characters, or both, will linger in your mind and heart;
At least until you pick up the next book to start.