The Moral Code

The Moral Code
by Kelly F. Barr

Manners, respect, and consideration–
These things seem to be lost
in the current generation.
Kindness seems to have a cost.

Self has risen to the top
Of every desire, every thought.
Authority and rules should drop
Unless infringement upon them is caught.

A negative word about negative behavior
And touting character and strong morals
Makes me judgmental; a hater,
While they spew judgment in plurals.

Just below the surface, anger burns–
A wrong look or wrong word and it explodes.
Oh, how my heart yearns
For a return to the moral code.

4 thoughts on “The Moral Code

  1. What a great message and i agree
    It is something we all need
    And so, You make a plea

    I don’ t rhyme all the time,
    But for you this time
    I raise my voice.
    You did it fine!

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