Do We Have a Responsibility in Regard to Our Entertainment?

Entertainment surrounds us — social media, movies, music, books, DVDs. It invades our sight, our hearing, our minds, and our hearts. Therefore, don’t we have a responsibility to be careful about what entertainment we allow to invade us?

The book of Proverbs in the Bible is a book of wisdom and in that book it says, “Pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body. Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Put away perversity from your mouth; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm. Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.”  (Proverbs 4:20-27)

Also, in the book of Philippians we read, “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Therefore, it is my understanding that we are responsible for whatever we fill our senses, our minds and our hearts with.

So, why am I talking about this? Because of a brief conversation I had with some friends recently. These friends are also believers, and we were talking about writing and one mentioned the writings of Diana Gabaldon, especially her “Outlander” series, to which I commented, “that’s garbage”. Two of my friends responded with, “No, it’s not. Her writing is fantastic.”

Now, I will admit that I have not actually read any of Diana Gabaldon’s works. So maybe she is a very skilled writer. However, I do know that her Outlander series has a lot of explicit sex in it, and a lot of it is rape, which she romanticizes.

In my opinion, that is wrong, and it certainly isn’t something I want to read and invade my mind and heart with.

Whenever I’ve made these comments about Ms. Gabaldon’s writing, I’ve heard the same thing from both Christian and non-Christian women who read these books, “That was the way it was in that place and time period.”

To which I must say, “I’m sure that NOT EVERY male/female relationship in that place and time period involved rape, just as I’m sure that EVERY woman who has ever been raped has experienced a violent, invasive, traumatic event and would not find it in the least bit romantic. Therefore, I find it irresponsible that a writer would have women romanticizing and fantasizing about their rapist(s) and the act of rape.

I find it disappointing and disheartening that Christian women are reading such things and finding them great entertainment. I refuse to read that type of so-called entertainment.

I am also very careful with what I write because I do not want to be responsible for leading someone down a crooked path. I don’t write preachy stories or stories that will have a strictly “Christian” label, but I do write with the same responsibility with which I read, and though my characters face temptation and sometimes yield to it just as any human, they will also grow and learn and find redemption.



Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing are my two most favorite things to do. I spend as much time as I possibly can doing these two activities, which as long as we have child(ren) still living in our home, is not as much as I would like, but the fact that I have lots of friends who love to read and write as much as I do is a huge plus. It allows me to share with other like-minded people, which is great, because even my husband doesn’t really understand my artist/writing ways.   🙂

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. To be a good writer, it is imperative to do a lot of reading, and not just books on the writing craft. Actually, sometimes you can learn more about writing from reading a fiction or nonfiction book than from some of the books on writing.

I’ve been told that I must spend a lot of time reading the type of books that I want to write because that’s extremely helpful. However, I love so many different genres that I read from a wide spectrum, which I think is also extremely helpful in many ways.

Since reading and writing are solitary activities, it’s important to be purposeful about getting out and spending some time with people. After all, that’s one place a lot of story ideas come from. Also, to just spend time with other reader/writer people helps to feed our creativity and helps us to be encouraged because, let’s face it, writing is hard work!

If you visit my blog regularly, then you’ve probably seen many of my Monday posts that are reviews of books I have read, so you know that I read a wide variety of genres and stuff that’s been published recently as well as many years ago.

What about you? What do you like to read?

Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday as suggested by The Broke and the Bookish is the Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR List.

I am a history buff and this is a new book by a new author that I want to read.


“The Picture of Dorian Gray” because I’ve been wanting to read this story for years!

3. 16 Lighthouse Road (A Cedar Cove Novel) by [Macomber, Debbie]

I want to read this entire series (12 books), so this could easily stretch into winter, maybe even fill winter since I only get a couple of hours a day to read.


Actually, I began reading this one about two days before Fall officially began and am almost finished with it, so it should really be #1 on this list.

5. This spot I have no photos for because the other books I have on my Fall TBR list are three books that one of my dear writing friends has written and emailed me that she wants me to read and give her feedback on. She sent them to me a few months ago and I haven’t had time to start them, so these are high on my list. They haven’t been published yet, but I have high expectations that they will be, and when they are, I will let you all know so that you can read them. They are all YA stories.

And since #3 is actually 12 books, I have already gone over the limit of 10, so I shall stop here. These will keep me quite busy.

What books are you just burning to read this Fall?

International Reading Year

Did you know that September 6th was National Read A Book Day?  Neither did I, until I read Charles French’s blog post. He liked the idea so much that he declared September 6, 2016 to September 6, 2017 International Reading Year!

I love to read, so I, too, think this is a great idea.  So, what about you? Will you join us in reading lots of good books until September 6, 2017? Of course, don’t stop reading good books after that.

Also, help us spread the word by posting about it on your own blog.

Happy Reading!

Top Ten Tuesday

It’s time again for my TTT list.  The Broke and the Bookish suggested a list of the Top Ten Books I Enjoyed that have Under 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads.  I was quite surprised when I went to my Goodreads account in search of this information, and I hope that some of you will help increase the number of Ratings for these on Goodreads.

  1.  Fire and Water:A Suspense-filled Story of Art, Passion, and Madness

I thought this book was fantastic!  I know that Betsy is a fairly new author, and she’s an indie, so read this book and rate it on Goodreads.  This book is an incredible love story.  It touched my heart deeply and left a lasting impression in my mind.  It is absolutely unforgettable and worth the read.  I was shocked to see that this book has less than 300 Goodreads ratings.

2. Pompeii: City on Fire

This is a good read as well.  It begins with gladiators, includes a love story and the loss of a city.  It currently has less than 700 Goodreads ratings.

3. Havah: The Story of Eve

This was one of the ones that really surprised me because Tosca Lee is a well-known successful author.  She has co-authored some works with Ted Dekker, and yet this book currently has less than 1,700 ratings on Goodreads.  I liked this story quite a bit.  It was interesting to take a well-researched, yet also imaginative, journey into the story of Adam and Eve of the Bible.  Since the Bible couldn’t possibly tell us everything about the lives of all of the fascinating people it teaches about and their time periods, it’s very interesting to think about what more of their lives may have been like, and Tosca Lee does this well within the structure of what their time and lives may well have been like due to her in depth research.

4. The Hunted: A Novel    and    Scream

These are two great books for those of you who like suspense filled with weird or otherwordly things.  If you’ve never read any of Mike Dellosso’s books, you don’t know what you’re missing.  If you like Dean Koontz’s works, you’ll like Mikes Dellosso’s stories as well. So, go ahead, read a Mike Dellosso novel and boost those Goodreads ratings.

5. The Ark,the Reed,and the Fire Cloud (The Amazing Tales of Max & Liz #1)

This is the first book in the “Amazing Tales of Max and Liz” series by Jenny L. Cote.  Technically, these books are written for kids, but if you are an animal lover, you will love these stories not matter your age.  They are a great series for parents to read aloud to their kids or to enjoy as a family.  I read this one on my own first, then I read it to my 11 year old son, who absolutely loved it.  We just started reading the second book in the series and have already fallen in love with one of the new animal characters Jenny introduces in it.  This book currently has less than 300 Goodreads ratings.

6.  Love Unexpected (Beacons of Hope, #1)

My favorite books have always been romance and love stories, and in recent years if they have history included, all the better.  This is a wonderful story about Emma Chambers and a rash decision she makes so that her brother may be free from worrying about her.  At first she believes she may face an unhappy future because of her decision, but things eventually change for the better.  This is the first book in the “Beacons of Hope” series by Jody Hedlund.  This book currently has less than 1, 400 Goodread ratings.

7.  Centralia

Yes, I am a big Mike Dellosso fan, and so I would love to see more people reading and rating his books.  This one has been touted as “his best yet”, but  there is a sequel to this that just came out — Kill Devil which is getting great reviews on Amazon.  These two books are full of suspense and have been compared to the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. Centralia currently has less than 200 Goodreads ratings.

8. Bone Rattler (Duncan McCallum, #1),   Eye of the Raven (Duncan McCallum, #2)  and  Original Death (Duncan McCallum, #3)

This series by Eliot Pattison is a story about mysterious killings that take place in Colonial America.  I love history and have always been fascinated by the American Indians and disgusted with the European immigrants’ treatment of them, so I enjoyed these books.  Currently, Bone Rattler as less than 1,300 Goodrreads ratings, Eye of the Raven has less than 300, and Original Death has less than 200.

9.  A Heart's Disguise (A Journey of the Heart, #1)A Heart's Obsession (A Journey of the Heart, #2)A Heart's Danger (A Journey of the Heart, #3)A Heart's Betrayal (A Journey of the Heart #4) and A Heart's Promise (A Journey of the Heart #5)

Yes, this is an historical romance series.  It is set in the Old West.  The books are short, easy reads and are quite enjoyable, especially when you want a good read but don’t have a lot of time.  Also, Colleen Coble is a well-established author, who wrote this series sometime ago, and just recently re-released it.  A Heart’s Disguise has less than 270 Goodreads ratings, A Heart’s Obsession has less than 210, and the last three books of this series each have less than 200 Goodreads ratings.

10. Dauntless (Valiant Hearts, #1)

Dauntless is the first book in the Valiant Hearts series by Dina L. Sleiman, and it recently was in the finals for the Young Adult category in the Carol Awards.  It’s a great book that includes history, action and adventure and romance!  Yet it has less than 1,000 Goodreads ratings.  Also, the third book of this series, Courageous, releases tomorrow!

Of course, I have rated all of these on Goodreads and you can also find my book reviews on them here on my blog under the Book Reviews category.


Top Ten Tuesday

Today I get to choose what my Top Ten Tuesday list will be, since The Broke and Bookish have declared it Freebie Week!  So, I have decided to do a topic that The Broke and Bookish did before I began participating in Top Ten Tuesday.  Today’s list is “My Top Ten Bookish Confessions.”

  1.  I learned to read using the Dick and Jane books.
  2. I’m one of those who read everything I could get my hands on as a kid including milk cartons and cereal boxes.
  3. I used to read and record myself for an organization that provided books on tape for people with sight problems.
  4. I love to read to children.
  5. I love to use different voices for different characters when reading aloud to children.
  6. I wish I would have made a list of ALL of the books I’ve read since I started reading. (I’m still not as faithful at this as I should be.)
  7. My reading tastes have changed over the years.
  8. I regret getting rid of books I never read.
  9. I cannot resist a book sale, bargain book rack, a box of books at a yard or garage sale, or a discount book store.
  10. In addition to reading, I LOVE to write.  I am working on my first novel.  It is an historical romantic fiction book.

What about you?  What Bookish confessions are you hiding?  Leave a comment below and tell me one of your Bookish confessions.

Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday as suggested by The Broke and Bookish is to be Top Ten Favorite 2016 Releases So Far this Year.

Since I do not read only new releases, my list will not have a full ten books on it.


I have not read all nine of the novellas in this book yet, but the three or four that I did read were wonderful.  They had well-developed characters and great story lines.  I enjoyed the ones that I read and look forward to reading the rest of them soon.


I LOVED this story!  You can read my book review on it here.


This was also a very enjoyable read.  You can read my book review on it here.


I did buy this book, but I have not read it yet.  However, I am looking forward to reading it and I expect a great story because Terri Blackstock has never failed to deliver.

I hope you have found something of interest in my very short list.  Happy reading!