Tea and Poetry Tuesday

Today’s Tea Tidbit:
“Tea, tea, a wonderful drink, the more you have, the more you think,
the more you think, the better you write, so let’s drink tea
all day and night.” — Daniel Dalton

My Last Broken Heart
by Kelly F. Barr

He loves me, he loves me not.
My heart has taken another shot.
You’d think I would’ve learned by now
Not to fall for a romantic vow.

How many times past
Have I fallen too fast?
This will be my last heartbreak;
No more repeating the same mistakes.

Tea and Poetry Tuesday

Today’s Tea Tidbit:

“All you’re supposed to do is every once in a while give the boys a little tea and sympathy.”     — Robert Anderson

Love From a Distance
by Kelly F. Barr

I stand beneath the night sky
And pick out the brightest star.
I imagine you staring at the very same
In the faraway place where you are.

We each whisper a simple prayer
As our hearts turn toward each other,
And our bond of love grows stronger–
A light no one and nothing can smother.

Tea and Poetry Tuesday

Today’s Tea Tidbit”

“My hour for tea is half past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.”
– Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White

To Write a Story
by Kelly F. Barr

My pen bleeds
As my words flow.
Characters born
To live and grow.

His story must be told
Or my brain shall burst.
Her love must be found.
But which should come first?

Their whispers fill my ear
And I write faster
Caught up in their lives,
They become my masters.

Until their journey’s end
To my desk I am chained,
Til their love has blossomed
Through struggles overcame.

Tea and Poetry Tuesday

Today’s Tea Tidbit:

I am sort of a tea addict. I structure my day by cups of tea.  —  S. T. Joshi

A Real Book
by Kelly F. Barr

Ah, the feel of a real book —
The smooth eye-catching cover,
The crisp or brittle pages.
The smell of new paper and fresh ink
Or yellowed paper scented with age
And maybe a bit of mustiness.
These are my treasures —
Each one taking me on a grand adventure
Or teaching me something new
Or introducing me to a new person or place;
They allow me to travel anytime, anywhere
To times past, present, or future;
To places near, far, or simply imagined.
The characters becoming friends —
My desire that the story never end.
My favorite most comfortable place
Is in a room surrounded by shelves of books;
A cozy place filled with stories I’ve read
Or have yet to explore.
No matter my age or social status,
As long as I have my real books
I’ll feel like a queen in her palace.

Tea and Poetry

My copper kettle whistles merrily
And signals that it is time for tea.
The fine china cups are filled with the brew,
There’s lemon and sugar and sweet cream, too.
But, best of all there’s friendship, between you and me.
As we lovingly share our afternoon tea.”

Marianna Arolin


The Storm of Misunderstanding
by Kelly F. Barr

Alone like an island in a stormy sea;
Your words, like waves, crash over me.
Strong winds howl in my ears
As your criticism prompts my tears.
Disapproving looks cause me to sway
As the waves drag the sand beneath my feet away.
Thunder rolls off your tongue.
At lightning’s flash, I turn and run
To my place of safety and of rest.
My island cave does not protest
When I light a fire to keep me warm;
But shelters me from your angry storm.

Tea and Poetry

“I like cups of tea and reading books and poetry and old people things.”

–Bindi Irwin


My Love of Creation
by Kelly F. Barr

I love the outdoors, no matter the season.
I’ll step outside for any reason;
To smell the rain or a flower;
The antics of a squirrel, over me, have power.

To look at the stars in the dark of night,
To view the colors of the sky at day’s first light;
To take a walk beneath the trees
Or in fascination, watch bumble or honey bees.

To sit on my deck and write while birds sing,
I do not know of a more delightful thing.
In the beauty of creation, I find peace
And my favorite form of stress release.

Tea and Poetry

Today’s Tea Tidbit:

A Loving Recipe for a Perfect Cup of Tea

I — willing friend who loves to sit and share

I — grateful heart to have a friend that cares

I — beautiful garden to show us God is near


Today’s poem is my own original free verse poem.

The Savior’s Entreaty
by Kelly F. Barr

My Beloved, why have you turned from me?
Why do you mock, disbelieve, and ignore my word?
Movies, youtube, social media, video games–
Worldly technology consumes your time.
You seek constant entertainment and your own selfish desires;
Rushing from one thing to another, no time to rest–
To rest in my loving embrace nor time to seek my face.

My heart aches for you and I shed tears for you.
I still speak to you, but you do not hear my still, small voice.
The blood I poured out for you means nothing to you;
Bu you still mean everything to me.
The battle raging inside you is real, don’t ignore it.
My stripes still heal, and someday soon I’m coming.
Until then my saints will continue to pray and reach out to you.

For my heart’s desire is that NONE SHOULD PERISH.