Tea and Poetry Tuesday

“Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world.”  — T’ien Yiheng

So, take time to enjoy cup of tea today, and simply relax.

by Kelly F. Barr

Every person, couple, and family
Have had their trials
But have clung to hope,
Plowed through,
Weathered the storm;
And have survived.
Now people are panicking,
Rebelling,and complaining
At this larger, more encompassing
Trial — a trial that touches
Many nations and countries.

Take heart!
Think on the trials
You’ve already come through
And know that you will
Come through this one too.
There’s no need to panic,
Rebel, and complain.
Simply batten down the hatches
And hold on tight
To the hope you held to before,
And you’ll survive once more.

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