Wordless Wednesday

Birds, Landscapes, Dove Dairy Goat Farm 008

I know this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, but I feel I have to apologize if you’ve received several notifications of today’s postings because I have been trying to figure out why my “Wordless Wednesday” title keeps showing up at the bottom of this post instead of at the top.  You will note that it is still at the bottom.  I have not figured out how to fix it or why it happened, in trying to fix it, I deleted this post a couple of times and reposted thinking that my work.  It didn’t.

One more thing, I am planning on doing a few combination posts on occasional Wednesdays — “Wordless/Writing Prompt Wednesday”.  Since I am a writer and I would like to share more of my writing with you, I will occasionally share a photo that I will use as a writing prompt to write a fictional short story or poem, and when I do, feel free to use the photo on those Wednesdays as your own writing prompt and either share your writing in the comments section or on your own blog and link it to here, leaving a comment that you wrote something too.  I think it will be fun.

My Photography

Writing is an art and art requires creativity.  We, creative people, usually enjoy more than one form of art.  I love writing and photography and have for many years.  However, I hope to make writing my main form of artistic expression and to keep my photography as a very pleasing hobby.

I have taken photos for weddings, children’s photos, and family photos for people, and I still do upon request.  I do charge a fee for my work in most situations, though sometimes, I gift my work.  I also sell my photos or notecards with my photos on them.  You can see some of my work on my Barr Photography Facebook page, but today, I also wanted to share some of my photos here.  I hope you will enjoy them.

861 slightly edited 968  1100 1124 1159 slightly edited1168 slightly edited9781147 slightly edited   1239 slightly edited 1290 slightly edited 1303 slightly edited 1344 slightly edited All of the photos up until this point were shot during our vacation when we visited Assateague Island,Virginia in October of 2014.  I love nature and taking photos of wildlife.

April 21, 2009 Granite Run 045 April 21, 2009 Granite Run 062 Birds, Landscapes, Dove Dairy Goat Farm 008  The photo of the two Canadian geese was fun to shoot.  My two older boys and I noticed a few Canadian geese on a lawn in a business complex one day when we were on our way somewhere.  Anyway, it looked like something was going on, so we stopped and I had my camera.  It was spring and we watched for a while.  It turned out these two males were fighting for the attention of a female and I captured a great shot of their heated competition.

The story of the mourning dove with the beautiful blue sky in the background makes me sad.  She had a nest in a very tall evergreen tree next to our front door, and that tree swayed horribly in high winds and storms.  I often found egg shells or dead, featherless baby birds on our front stoop after such incidents.  Then the tree started to die in the middle, so we had it removed and replaced with a smaller tree that doesn’t actually make for good nesting, but I was said when she returned the next spring looking for her nest and we had gotten rid of it.  I still miss her whenever I look at this photo.

Easter 2009 and 4-13-09 097  Fall Colors 10-23-09 042  Sometimes, I just shoot something because I like the beauty or artistic look of it.

Soccer 9-21-10 085 Emily, Chelsea and GraceAnn 9-25-10 121 Michaiah Skolnick 195  Soccer 9-21-10 206  Summeer 2010 072I have taken many photos of people posed, but my favorite photos to take of people are when they are in action or completely unaware that I am taking the photo.  There’s just something revealing about the person or people when you can capture such shots.

Photos for SaleSoccer and Hersheypark 9-25-10 082

I live in Lancaster County, so I can’t resist capturing some of our rich farmland with our Amish farmers in action.  The final photo is one of the rare photos that I took at night that I actually like — a lighted roller coaster at an amusement park.