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I know this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, but I feel I have to apologize if you’ve received several notifications of today’s postings because I have been trying to figure out why my “Wordless Wednesday” title keeps showing up at the bottom of this post instead of at the top.  You will note that it is still at the bottom.  I have not figured out how to fix it or why it happened, in trying to fix it, I deleted this post a couple of times and reposted thinking that my work.  It didn’t.

One more thing, I am planning on doing a few combination posts on occasional Wednesdays — “Wordless/Writing Prompt Wednesday”.  Since I am a writer and I would like to share more of my writing with you, I will occasionally share a photo that I will use as a writing prompt to write a fictional short story or poem, and when I do, feel free to use the photo on those Wednesdays as your own writing prompt and either share your writing in the comments section or on your own blog and link it to here, leaving a comment that you wrote something too.  I think it will be fun.

Wordless Wednesday

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