Increase Your Creativity

Saturday, February 24th, I went to a writers’ retreat at one of my writer friend’s home. It was with a group of ladies whom I got to know through Lancaster Christian Writers. We always begin with a devotion and opening prayer. We follow that with a creative writing exercise, which, besides the free writing time, is my favorite part of the retreat because someone leads a creative writing exercise, and they have never failed me. They have always gotten my creative juices flowing and given me a wonderful day of writing.

Of course, lunch is always fun, too, because we get to know each other better and share lots of things about writing, healthy eating, and our lives in general.

Anyway, back to the creative writing exercise. This time, Mandy led the creative writing exercise, and she played three different pieces of music, one at a time, for a few minutes each, and we were to just listen and let our imagination flow and write whatever the music brought to our creative minds. I totally LOVED this exercise because I’ve always really enjoyed music, but I’ve never used it with my writing. But this exercise really worked.

The three pieces of music were all quite different, and have given me three new story ideas; not ideas for full-length novels per se, but they could very easily show up on one of my Friday posts as either a flash fiction or short story.

And, even though each of those gave me three completely different story ideas, it put my creativity in high gear and even helped those juices flow into my work-in-progress!

Therefore, if you ever feel stuck or think you’re suffering from the dreaded writer’s block, try listening to some music and start writing whatever thoughts, actions, scenes, etc. that start going through your mind.

By the way, these were all instrumental pieces.

So, if you’re a writer, I know you’re probably an introvert, as most of us are, but I highly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and attend a writer’s retreat, critique group or conference at least once because I am sure you will find value in it, and it’s always fun to connect with others who share your struggles and/or successes; who have things in common with you.

Poem: Why Are Other People Important?

Why Are Other People Important?
by Kelly F. Barr

When I see someone suffering,
Why should I care?
When I see someone eating alone,
Why should I care?
When someone is cold or hungry,
Why should I care?

Do the sufferings of others
Affect me?
Do the feelings of others
Affect me?
Do the needs of others
Affect me?

The answer to all of the above
Is a resounding “YES”!
Because we are all made in
God’s image. That gives each of us
More value than humanists could ever imagine.

Poem: From Busyness to Rest

From Busyness to Rest
by Kelly F. Barr

I arose early,
Before the sun,
To run taxi for my kids.
Later, one dog, one boy and I
Walked in fresh air and sunshine.
It’s been a good day.

Enjoyed a Tropical Smoothie dinner
And now I relax and write.
Soon my eyelids droop,
My thoughts get fuzzy.
It’s been a long day.
Looking forward to my warm bed.

Poem: A New Outlook

This is a very unconventional poem. I used no rhyme scheme or any pattern, but I like the message I have created here. I hope you will like it too.

A New Outlook
by Kelly F. Barr

January brings a new year;
A chance to reflect,
A chance to look ahead,
A chance to begin anew.
Dream dreams and set goals.
Build relationships.

January brings a new beginning-
A fresh start.
Turn a new page; wipe the slate clean.
The possibilities are endless;
Opportunities abound,
All you have to do is look around.

Shake the dust of the past year from your feet.
Determine that this year, you can’t be beat.
Take a new journey,
Open your heart,
Try something you’ve never tried before
Because this could be your best year yet.

Abba’s Promise Has Arrived!


This is the book!

“What book?” You might ask.

The book for which I sent a short devotional story for submission about two years ago and it is now published, my story is in it, and you can get your own copy from Cross River Media.


Yes, this is my story! They chose my story for Day One! Yes, this is a teaser. If you want to read this story, you’ll have to buy the book. It’s a beautiful little volume and three of my other writer friends have stories in it too — Jill Printzenhoff, Cheryl Weber, and Renita Gerlach. Altogether, there are 33 encouraging, inspiring stories in this little book!


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