My Current Work

Now that the school year is in full swing and our homeschool co-op and the boys’ sports have begun, it is much harder to try to squeeze in some time to write, but the desire is still strong.  For the past two weeks, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and really needing some time to myself, so I explained it to my husband this past Friday, and Saturday afternoon, he blessed me with giving me the freedom to go out on my own for a few hours.

No, I don’t mean that he keeps me chained to the house, but it’s important to both of us to communicate and be on the same page.

So, what did I do?  I grabbed my notebook and pen, (Did I mention that I write better with pen and paper, so that is how I choose to write?  For some reason, the thoughts flow better that way.  Maybe, because that’s how I started writing stories years ago?), and I went to the mall.  I was disappointed to see that they have taken most of the nice little tables out of the center of the mall, but I found a nice table downstairs in the food court.  I bought a salad and a bottle of water at Saladworks and settled down to enjoy my lunch and some writing time.

My husband couldn’t understand how I could possibly write in the middle of a busy mall.  He said, “Won’t you have more distractions there?”  I explained, “No, because none of those people want my attention.  They aren’t seeking my attention for any reason, and besides, I also enjoy people watching and get some great ideas for characters by observing people.”

Well, I sat at that little table for about three hours and wrote probably all but about fifteen minutes of that time, in between mouthfuls of salad.  It was wonderful!  I feel my two main characters really developing and am really getting into the story.  I completed chapter one and wrote all of chapter two.  I look forward to finding some time to write again soon.

I then walked around part of the mall and then headed home feeling refreshed and as though I had accomplished something.  I hope to be able to find some space where I can be free from interruptions and spend time writing more often.  It makes me very happy.

Where Do You Like to be When You are Writing?

You might think this is a silly question.  You might have a den or office in your home where you like to write.  I do not have that luxury.  As a homeschool mom of three busy boys, I have nowhere in my home that I can write without interruption, unless the youngest child is in bed, then I write at the dining room table.  If I am able to sneak away to the family room earlier in the day, I like to write there.

But, my favorite places to write are sitting at a picnic table in a park or in the food court or center of the mall.  You may be thinking that’s crazy.  You may ask, “how in the world can you write in a place like that with all of the noise and distractions?”  But, you see, I don’t see those places as being noisy and distracting.  As a person who enjoys people watching, (it’s a great way to get ideas for characters for stories), I enjoy those busy places, and I don’t find them distracting because none of the people there are my children nor are they with me.  Therefore, though many people may be around and may be talking, I don’t have to focus on them or be concerned about supplying their needs.  I can fully concentrate on my writing because I am alone in a sea of people, and I can pause and watch people, for more ideas, whenever I choose.  I would also enjoy writing as I sit in a coffee/tea shop or a cafe area in a bookstore.

Where do you like to be when you are writing?