Where Do You Like to be When You are Writing?

You might think this is a silly question.  You might have a den or office in your home where you like to write.  I do not have that luxury.  As a homeschool mom of three busy boys, I have nowhere in my home that I can write without interruption, unless the youngest child is in bed, then I write at the dining room table.  If I am able to sneak away to the family room earlier in the day, I like to write there.

But, my favorite places to write are sitting at a picnic table in a park or in the food court or center of the mall.  You may be thinking that’s crazy.  You may ask, “how in the world can you write in a place like that with all of the noise and distractions?”  But, you see, I don’t see those places as being noisy and distracting.  As a person who enjoys people watching, (it’s a great way to get ideas for characters for stories), I enjoy those busy places, and I don’t find them distracting because none of the people there are my children nor are they with me.  Therefore, though many people may be around and may be talking, I don’t have to focus on them or be concerned about supplying their needs.  I can fully concentrate on my writing because I am alone in a sea of people, and I can pause and watch people, for more ideas, whenever I choose.  I would also enjoy writing as I sit in a coffee/tea shop or a cafe area in a bookstore.

Where do you like to be when you are writing?

One thought on “Where Do You Like to be When You are Writing?

  1. This is one of my greatest downfalls when it comes to writing. Although one of the bedrooms is now the ‘Computer Room’, I am still bothered by the distraction of my husband because his computer is in there with mine. He’s a talkative person, which means he frequently interrupts my thought while I’m typing away. If I had a laptop, I’m sure that I could work around this obstacle. I should put this on my Christmas list.


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