Dangerous Secrets (Mystery — Day 15)

Things were pretty quiet the rest of the week and through the weekend.  Tara spent a lot of time in her studio, painting flowers, the woods, the ocean and a cottage.  She spent the early evenings sitting in the courtyard, thinking.  She wondered what life would be like for her now that Jaime was gone.  She supposed it wouldn’t be much different than the past two years since Jaime hadn’t been home much during those years anyway.  She knew one thing, though, she wouldn’t be as stressed out, and she wouldn’t have anyone to argue with.

Tara had been lonely a lot during those two years, and she began to wonder what it might be like to have the attention and affection of a man again.  As soon as her thoughts turned in that direction, Trenton Davis came to mind, and she quickly tried to push those thoughts away, feeling guilty, like she was betraying Jaime.  She didn’t want people talking about her and thinking badly of her because she went running to another man without properly grieving first.  But hadn’t she been grieving the loss of Jaime for two years already?

She had been neglected and deserted for those two years, and Jaime had kept secrets from her.  He had sacrificed having a family with her for a child he had to a woman out of wedlock; a woman who hadn’t even told Jaime about the boy until the boy was six years old.  Sure, Hunter seemed like a great kid, and he was as much an innocent victim in all of this as she was, but she still longed for a family of her own.


Monday morning began with a visit from Sergeant Olsen.  Once again, they sat at the kitchen table, coffee cups in hand.

“I have done some checking.  As you know, Allen, I spoke with the gentleman you pointed out to me at the funeral service.  His name is Derek Rendquist.  He has been seeing Melody for about six months and arranged his business schedule so that he could be here on business while she is here for Jaime’s funeral.  Says he wanted to be near to help her through this difficult time.  He normally works in the city.  He actually works for Fleming Pharmaceuticals and has been working his way toward the top and into Mr. Fleming’s good graces.  Guess he figures winning Mr. Fleming’s daughter would be icing on the cake.  He doesn’t have a strong alibi for the evening of the murder.  He claims he was alone in his hotel room.  No one at the hotel can say they saw him in the hotel around the estimated time of the murder.  He did order room service that evening, but it was later.  He could easily have come here, committed the crime, returned and ordered his dinner.  He doesn’t seem to have much interest in Melody’s son, though.  Sounds like he thinks the best thing would be to send the kid to boarding school, so I’m not sure he has much of a motive for the crime either, but I haven’t completely ruled him out.”

“I’ve also been doing some checking on Mr. Fleming, especially how he’s been spending money lately.  Thought he could have hired a hit, but I’m not seeing any evidence for that, so he’s not much of a suspect.  This case is quite a challenge, but I will keep digging.”

“Thank you, Sergeant Olsen.  We appreciate all you are doing to try and solve this case.  It causes quite a bit of stress to know that someone has ended a life and is still walking around out there.”

“Yes, it does, Allen, but I don’t think the person is dangerous to anyone else.  I really believe this was a crime of passion.  I just wish I had some idea as to what it was about.”

Sergeant Olsen left and Allen, Eva and Tara sat quietly for a while.

Finally, Allen spoke, “There had to be someone who came here that night and got into a heated argument with Jaime and took it too far.”

“It probably didn’t take much to get into a heated argument with Jaime, since he and I had argued just before that, but he left in the car and I went for a walk in the woods.  I’m sure it would have been easy to stir up something with Jaime since I wasn’t able to make amends with him before the confrontation with the killer.”

“Oh, Allen what will we do if they never find Jaime’s killer?” Eva was distraught.

“Don’t give up hope yet, Eva.  The police haven’t given up yet and neither should we.  I think I’ll pay another visit to Carl Jacobson.  There had to be unhappy clients that Jaime worked with.  In a business like Jacobson Mergers, it has to be impossible to keep all the clients happy because when two companies merge, someone always loses.”

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