Dangerous Secrets (Mystery — Day 16)

Allen left just after lunch and Tara and Eva had tea together in the courtyard.  “Are you okay, Eva?  I’m sure this is quite hard on you since Jaime was your only child.”

“Yes, children shouldn’t die before their parents.  And, it’s like losing him for a second time. I keep wondering if we could have done something to spend more time with the two of you these past two years.  I feel like we just allowed him to slip away and now he’s gone from this life.  I hope to see him again in heaven.”

“Do you doubt that?”

“A little.  I know he loved the Lord and I’m sure he made things right with God over the indiscretion with Melody.  I know he was a man of integrity and that he took his responsibilities seriously.  But what about what he did to you, neglecting you and your marriage, keeping secrets, and lying to you about why he wouldn’t have children with you?  I remember how happy he was when you married him, and I just can’t believe that he would let some woman bully him into neglecting you.”

“I think he loved and cared for Hunter so much that he did his best to make Hunter’s life happier.  Hunter really doesn’t have a happy life just because his mom can buy him anything he wants.  Hunter told me that Jaime wanted Hunter to live with us but knew he could never win a legal battle against Melody and her father.  I’m not sure Jaime realized how much he was hurting me or how lonely I was.  He knew that I knew he loved me.”

“Oh, Tara, this must be like losing him for a second time for you too.”

“Yes, it is.”


Allen returned around dinner time carrying two large pizzas.  They sat down to dinner and Allen said, “Carl Jacobson finally admitted there are two clients who were really angry with Jaime during the past six to eight months.  They both ended up losing control of their companies and large sums of money due to mergers.  Carl said that Jaime had tried his best to get the best possible deals for them, but it just isn’t always possible.  He told me he didn’t think that either of those men would’ve tracked Jaime to his residence to continue any kind of debate, but he called Sergeant Olsen and gave him their names before I left his office.”

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