Dangerous Secrets (Mystery — Day 17)

Tara began to wonder what life would be like when Allen and Eva went back to their own home.  The will would be read in just two days and she didn’t think they’d stay too many days after that.  She knew they’d like to be with her when the person responsible for Jaime’s death was found, but no one knew how long that could take.

Tara had begun to give some serious thought to what she should do with her life.  As much as she loved this big house with its courtyard and the strip of woods out back, it felt really empty without Jaime.  She thought about selling it and moving into something smaller.  She thought about moving to a new town and starting fresh, or moving to the town Allen and Eva live in, but she was afraid that if she were close to them she would never allow herself to fall in love again because she wouldn’t want to hurt them.  She wondered if she should get some kind of job.  She had never really thought her art would earn her a living.  She didn’t know what else she would do, though.

As the time for the reading of the will drew closer, she also thought more about Trenton Davis.  She wondered if she should spend time getting to know him.  She worried that if she did give him a chance, he would try to move too quickly because he’d already been waiting for her for four years.  She couldn’t imagine that he hadn’t met other, more beautiful, fascinating women during those years.  She wondered what made him think he’d have an opportunity to be with her when he knew she was married to Jaime.  She also thought he must be someone that could be counted on and he was obviously patient.  She imagined him cherishing her and treating her special after waiting so long, and he certainly was handsome and charming.

She just didn’t know what the right thing to do was.

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