Do You Know About Pinterest?

I have had a Pinterest account for some time and I have basically used it for homeschool resources and recipes, but last night I discovered a fantastic idea for using Pinterest.  I found a Pinterest account by an author whose blog I recently began following:  K. M. Weiland, and she had boards on her Pinterest page where she had photos for the following ideas:  setting, character and costumes, as well as a board for writing tips, advice and quotes.  She even had boards with photos that she used for ideas for one of her novels.

I am now COMPLETELY hooked on Pinterest!  It is too much fun and can be used to inspire my creativity and give me ideas for my writing.    I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in writing check it out, but be warned, it will be easy to spend hours playing on Pinterest.  I was on for about three hours last night.

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