Thaddeus Stevens: The Making of an Inconvenient Hero

I know I usually only post once a week and always on Thursdays, and I don’t usually post book reviews.  However, as a writer, reading is also a big part of my life, and as a part of a writers’ group, I connect with other writers, and we can all use a little help in promoting our work.  Therefore, when I had an opportunity to receive a free copy of a new book by one of the other writers’ in my writers’ group, I jumped at the chance.  It is an historical fiction story for children, what we homeschoolers refer to as a “living book”.  Here is my review of Thaddeus Stevens:  The Making of an Inconvenient Hero by Terry Webb.

Thaddeus Stevens: The Making of an Inconvenient Hero is a good account of the young life of Thaddeus Stevens. It is a story of great encouragement for those who are bullied and exhibits a very appropriate way of dealing with bullies. This story also expresses what life was like when the north and the south disagreed about slavery. It’s a wonderfully honest account, showing both the strengths and weaknesses of Thaddeus Stevens, as well as what his life was like on a farm in Vermont, living with a disability and being raised by a single parent.

There was one disappointing factor about this book and that is that I wish Ms. Webb would have written more about Thaddeus as he was older and championing the importance of everyone receiving an education. I felt that she ended her telling of his young life quite abruptly to include a chapter on his life as an older gentleman, expressing the work he had done to ensure that children, whether rich or poor, would receive an education.

However, this book is a wonderful teaching tool and allows great discussion with students about many issues that Thaddeus Stevens faced in his life; issues that students still face today.

You can purchase your own copy at in either paperback or Kindle edition.

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