Having Fun Experimenting

I am still working on the story that I am still outlining.  I am also working on some nonfiction short pieces to submit to some magazines.  I have also simply been “pantsing” a story just to be consistently writing something.

For a while I struggled in trying to decide on what genre I would write.  Then a wonderful writer advised me to write what my passion is and to feel free to try several genres.  It has also been suggested to me that I could write more than one genre, as many other writers do.

So, what I have found is that every story I write seems to have some romance in it.  I have decided that is my passion; clean romance, of course.  I have also found that there is a need for good fiction for boys ages 10 – 12, as well as for Young adults.  Therefore, the story I am outlining is geared for young adult girls.  The story I am simply “pantsing” is for adult women, although I’m not sure what will become of it.

However, this week I was helping my ten-year-old son with a story he was assigned to write for the Writers’ club that he and seventeen-year-old brother participate in.  They were assigned to write an Historical Fiction story, and I have to say that helping him with an Historical Fiction story began some wheels to turning in my brain, and I now have ideas for three Historical Fiction stories — one for adult women; one for girls ages, 10 – 12; and one for boys, ages 10 – 12!  I’m so excited, but I really need to get writing!  With all of these ideas, I’ll be writing for a couple of years without having to worry about finding some ideas.

I never would have thought that I would enjoy writing Historical Fiction.  I never liked history when I was in school, though I enjoy it much more now that I am homeschooling my own children.  I never thought I’d want to do a lot of research before writing something either, but all that research entails is reading (which I love to do) and taking some notes for what I want to write.  I’m looking forward to trying this new genre.

How about you?  What genre do you have a passion for?  Do you write more than one genre or for more than one age group?  Leave a comment and let me know about it.

4 thoughts on “Having Fun Experimenting

  1. Well Kelly, as you know, I’m writing historical fiction, because I learned to love it in high school. I think we had to read Red Badge of Courage and April Morning. Those stories made the Civil War and the Revolutionary War come alive to me in a way, that especially me, a Kansas native, could never have identified with. Kansas didn’t become a state until 1861. We entered as a free state, and we really didn’t have a lot of major battles. We did have John Brown, however. And the goofy thing: I used to hate research, writing term papers, etc. until grad school, when I wrote a 20-page paper on the popularity of a new phenomenal movie that had just come out – Star Wars. I had so much fun with that. Historical fiction brings the big picture down to a level where we can experience it, one-on-one, with our major characters. Thanks Kelly, great post.


  2. I am not sure what genre I have a passion for, all I know is that I want to write something. In fact, my first attempt at fiction writing will be published on this blog tomorrow morning. Kind of the beginning of what, I hope, will become a short story.

    As far as historical fiction goes, apparently it’s very popular these days. My eight year old has been reading the “I Survived” books lately like they are going out of stlye and loves them.


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