Flash Fiction Friday: Fairy Princess

She captured my attention in an instant.  She was unlike anyone I had ever met before.

She flitted about on tiptoe.  She greeted complete strangers with hugs.  Sweetness, kindness and gentleness radiated from her.  Innocence surrounded her.  In a matter of moments she was gone from sight.

She still haunts my thoughts.  I believe I met a Fairy Princess today.

3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Fairy Princess

  1. Hi Kelly! This is a gorgeous little piece you have here. ^.^ Very cute. Mind if I comment on something really quick?

    In your second to last sentence you use the word ‘haunts’. ‘Haunts’, in my mind, is generally a dark term, something that causes the skin to crawl and the body to shiver. This doesn’t quite match the imagery given with the innocent, sweet fairy princess. Diction can be quite powerful, especially when used in tiny bite-sized pieces like flash fiction. Just something to think about. ^.^

    But a great piece all around. Glad you posted again! I look forward to next week!


    • Thank you for stopping by again, Melanie. Also, thank you for your input. I looked up synonyms and antonyms for “haunts” and found that your assessment fits their lists. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

      So, I think I shall change that sentence to “She continues to waltz through my mind.”
      Much happier picture, wouldn’t you say? ;D

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      • You’re very welcome, Kelly! Always a pleasure to read your flash fiction. ^.^
        And I’m happy I could help. I think ‘waltz’ is a much more appropriate word for the image you’re trying to embody. Nice choice!


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