Kissed By a Cowboy by Debra Clopton

I received a free ebook copy of this book to review for BookLook Blogger.

Cassidy Starr returns to the only place she has ever felt happy and loved in her life.  She has suffered too many broken relationships in her life and so decides to live a simple, peaceful life alone in Wishing Springs.  However, her neighbor, handsome cowboy, Jarrod Monahan, may challenge those plans.

This is the first book I have ever read by Debra Clopton, and it is evidently part of a series known as the “Four of Hearts Romance” series.  I have always enjoyed cowboy romances and this book did not disappoint me.  I love this story.  Ms. Clopton did an excellent job creating her characters.  Not only did I fall in love with and care about what happened to Cassidy and Jarrod, but all of the townspeople captured my interest and my heart as well.  The camaraderie between Jarrod and his brothers is an added pleasure to the story.

There was also a mystery in the story that needs to be solved.  This adds a bit of danger and suspense to the story.  Between the blossoming romances and this mystery I couldn’t put the book down.  The pace of the story was well written, the plot was interesting and kept moving and the characters were lovable.

The only disappointment I experienced was the ending.  I felt that Ms. Clopton rushed the ending a bit.  I think if she would have written one more chapter, included a bit more detail and included the townspeople a bit more since they had been key figures in the story up to that point, it would have been a better, richer ending, and would’ve have left me completely satisfied, instead of slightly disappointed.

I will, most likely, read this story again someday, just because I loved the characters so much.  I would also highly recommend this story to anyone who loves cowboy romances or just a good romance, or to anyone who loves to get a chuckle out of a good small town story.

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