The 7/7/7 Challenge

7-7-7 challenge

Writing friend, Eve Messenger, tagged me for this fun 7/7/7 challenge.  I told a couple of writing friends about it already, and they can’t wait to participate too.

So, here are the rules (they’re really quite simple):

  • Go to page 7 of your work-in-progress.
  • Scroll down to line #7.
  • Share the next 7 lines of your manuscript in a blog post.
  • Tag 7 other writers (with blogs) to continue the challenge.

My Little Morsel

He reached the bottom of the stairs, turned to enter the dining room and collided with a pretty, young lady.


“Uh, excuse me, Miss.”  Johnny could feel the heat creeping into his face but he couldn’t take his eyes off of the pretty face in front of him.  She had a narrow nose that turned up just a bit at the end, brown eyes with golden flecks and full lips.  A couple of strawberry blonde curls had escaped her hair knot and were framing her attractive face.

“Be more careful turning corners around here,” she said.

“Well, I see you’ve met the mistress of the house, Johnny.”


Laura L. Zimmerman

Donna L. H. Smith

Lisa Betz

Jill Printzenhoff

(I apologize but four is all I can come up with.  I know quite a few other writers, but many are already published and established and don’t do these kinds of posts or other writers I know don’t have blogs yet.)



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