Flash Fiction Friday: Enough

Dina lay in her bed.  She held her ears shut to keep out the shouting.

When she heard the slap followed by her mom’s sobbing, she ran to lock her bedroom door.  She tipped a chair under the knob and climbed into the deepest corner of her closet.  She sat trembling, tears streaming down her face.

As Dina heard his footsteps approaching, an idea sprouted.  Courage swelled within her.  She grabbed a pair of jeans, jumped into them, put on a sweater, slipped her bare feet into a pair of sneakers.  She had just opened the window, when he knocked upon her door.

“Dina, it’s Daddy.”

She hastened down the tree, jumping the last three feet.  Dina headed across the yard.  She’d had enough.  Never again.

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