A Taste of Fame or a Future Fan

I  had a very interesting, kind of exciting and embarrassing experience last Tuesday night.   Blue Moon Thinker and I went to a library to see what the writers’ group that meets there is like.  It was a good sized group and is well run.  They focus on critiquing each other’s works, so basically, they’re a critique group.  They do a good job of critiquing without making anyone feel like they’re being beaten or really put down.  They are very matter of fact.

Anyway, after that, we went to Barnes and Noble, where I purchased one of the books on my Spring TBR list, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.  Then we went to Ollie’s, where you can always find good books at good prices.  (Of course, Ollie’s sells lots of other things reasonably priced as well, but I rarely get past their bookshelves.)  In the book area, I located the Short Story and Novel Writer’s Market Guide (2014) and the (2013) Writer’s Market Guide and decided to purchase them.

Here’s what happened at the checkout:

I laid the books on the counter and pulled out my wallet to find my Ollie’s discount card, when suddenly the checkout girl exclaims quite loudly, “Are you a writer?  Are you published?  What do you write?”  I answered her questions and then she proceeded to tell us how she had written a story when she was in high school but never did anything with it.  She said a friend told her she should do something with it, but she said that she would just keep it in it’s little box in her room forever.  I told her she should let another writer read it and give her feedback.  She then gave me my receipt and said, “You ladies have a blessed evening.”

Being an introvert, like most writers, I was greatly taken aback and embarrassed at the unwanted attention of all of the other people in the front checkout area staring at me when she made her exclamations, but after we left the store, it also kind of made me feel good that someone would get so excited over simply learning that I am a writer, without even having read anything I’ve written.

When I shared this story with another friend last Friday night, she said, “You better get used to it.  You never know how many people will ready your books when they become available.”

How about you?  Have you had any fan-type incidents in your life yet?


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