Flash Fiction Friday: Beloved Haven

She ran; her feelings battered and bruised.  Tired of the name calling, taunting and mocking.

Up the stairs, into her room she went.  She closed the door.  She leaned against it.  Her chest heaved as she struggled to catch her breath.  Relief washed over her.

This was her sanctuary.  She walked to her bookshelves covering two of the four walls.  She ran her hand tenderly, lovingly over the spines.  These were her friends.  They welcomed her.  They nourished her soul.  These friends took her on adventures to far off places.

She could open any one of these and find love, understanding and friendship.  Here was her refuge, her home.  Her only wish: to remain here forever; to never have to face the cruelty outside this door, outside these pages again.

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