Flash Fiction Friday: New Life

Janice watched her daughter observe a chicken egg hatch under an incubator lamp.

Sally’s eyes were wide with wonder.  She held her breath as a tiny beak broke through the shell.  She  squealed with delight when a wet, scrawny little head popped out.

When the chick finally fully emerged it was wet.  Sally could see a lot of pink skin.  The chick was wobbly.

“Oh, Mommy, it’s so ugly.”

Janice smiled.  “In a few hours when it is fully dry, it will be a yellow ball of fluff.  Let’s go have our breakfast.”

After breakfast Sally ran out to the barn.  The chick was indeed drying out, but it still looked unpleasant.

In the afternoon Sally went to look again.  The chick was indeed a little yellow ball of fluff. Sally and her mother giggled as they watched the chick eat a bit of growing mash, gather some water in its tiny beak and tilt its head back to let the water trickle down its throat.

Together, mother and daughter marveled at new life.

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