Wordless Wednesday/Writing Prompt Wednesday

Easter 2009 and 4-13-09 097

I came upon a road
that twisted and turned through a wood.
Upon my back I carried a heavy load
I’d rid myself of if I could.

I trudged and plodded along
until I crossed your path.
You were kind, merciful and strong.
You eased my burden, gave me peace, love and made me laugh.

Now You and I walk side by side
and when I’m weak, you carry me.
You are my constant guide.
You are molding me into what I was meant to be.


I wrote this poem, creating each stanza to be a Quatrain.

Have you written any poetry for National Poetry Month yet? Maybe you feel some inspiration when you look at my photo above. Go ahead, try and write a poem about it, and post it or a link to it in the comments section below.

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