Sometimes I Can’t Help But Wonder

Life is full of twists and turns;
some caused by circumstances
others caused by choices we make.

Stupid choices made when we were young;
wiser choices made from experience.
Some choices will come back frequently to haunt us;
some we will never revisit.

When I said some caused by circumstances,
I was thinking of circumstances
outside of our control.
You know, things that happen because of
the decisions of others around us or
with authority over us.

Sometimes I think if I had made
a different decision when . . .
then I would be living a different life.
Would that life have been happier?
Would it have been sadder, harder, more of a struggle?

It’s a fruitless exercise,
thinking on these things.
What is, is what was meant to be.
But, sometimes, I can’t help but wonder.

written by Kelly F. Barr 5/11/2016

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