Flash Fiction Friday: Summer Dreams

Lila sat under an umbrella on the beach reading a book. A volleyball landed by her feet and rolled up beside her knee. She put her book down and reached for the volleyball. Just as she was about to give it a toss, she saw tan feet attached to muscular legs stop near her toes.

A guy with curly black hair and marine blue eyes peeked under her umbrella and squatted down. “Hi, I’m sorry if our volleyball disturbed you.” He smiled, flashing perfectly straight, white teeth and deep dimples. His arms and chest reminded her of the marble sculptures of Adonis, the Greek god, in some museum her mother had dragged her to a few years ago.

She still hadn’t said anything, and the gorgeous guy stretched out a hand toward her. “Could I please have our volleyball back?”

She shook her head to clear her brain. “I’m sorry. No, you’re volleyball didn’t disturb me.” She handed the volleyball to him and tried to put on her most charming smile.

“My name’s Lila, by the way, Lila Prescott.”

He smiled again. “Nice to meet you, Lila. I’m Blake Williams. See ya around.”

Then he was gone.

Lila sighed. If she’d really see Blake around, her summer might not be as bad as she had feared. Maybe she could have her own romance while her dad was busy chasing after bikini clad women who were way too young for him.

She hadn’t wanted to spend the summer with her dad again as he went through his midlife crisis acting like he was twenty-something again. But spending the summer at home with her mother wouldn’t have been much better. At least Dad didn’t try to tell her how to dress and wear her hair. Of course, he didn’t want to be seen with her either because he didn’t want his female prospects to know he was old enough to have a teenage daughter.

She hoped she’d see Blake again. He was hotter than the sand beneath her feet. Could he really take an interest in a girl who hid beneath layers of sunscreen and a beach umbrella to avoid turning into a lobster?

3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Summer Dreams

  1. Hmm. This is quite an interesting take on Flash Fiction Friday, partly given its length, but also because of the amount of backstory you gave during it. You set up a character, what she wants, why she wants it, how she feels. You added a lot more depth to a short piece. Nice job. ^.^


    • Hi Melanie,

      Thanks for stopping by again, and thank you for your kind words about this Flash Fiction piece.
      I know it’s a little long for a Flash Fiction piece as most of us think of Flash Fiction. However,
      the technical definition of Flash Fiction, as I’ve seen it, is anything 1,500 words or less, and according
      to WordPress’s word counter, this only has 362 words.
      Wait until next Friday, my Flash Fiction story for next week is considerably longer, but it’s still under 1,000
      words. πŸ˜€

      I usually try to stay under 500, keeping as close to 300 as possible, but sometimes, I just can’t do it. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha! The dreaded Flash Fiction definition. :p I have seen various WC for FF, but I guess I like to challenge myself by staying around 100. Which some people refer to as microfiction. Semantics. :p

        And only 362? Huh! Must just be the spacing then. It didn’t take long to read. So, that would make sense.

        Keep up the good work! ^.^

        Liked by 1 person

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