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Ladies' Christmas Tea 2011 033

I have decided to begin my own biweekly post that I hope you will participate in. I was really looking forward to participating in the Coffee Shop Chat posts that were started on the Christ is Write blog, but I noticed that they haven’t appeared very regularly. Therefore, I decided to take the idea, tweak it to make it my own, give it a new name, and hope that others will want to join me for TeaTime Talk every other Monday.

For the Rules and Guidelines, see my TeaTime Talk Page and join in the fun!  It’s really quite easy.

Things I am Currently Working On:

  1. I have begun our homeschooling year with our youngest son, the last one I have to finish teaching.
  2. I am helping to get the older two organized and prepared to leave home — the oldest will be returning to college for his sophomore year, the middle will be going to his first year of Bible training at a Bible school. The oldest is getting ready to wrap up his job as an intern at the public library and the middle will be leaving his position at a local fast food restaurant.
  3. With all of the busy schedules that are part of my first two things I am working on, I am finding it quite difficult to accomplish all of my writing goals, but here are the ones I am working on: Scheduling Blog Posts at least a month in advance to attempt to free up some time to work on other writing goals and revising and editing the chapters I have already completed on my current WIP to correct some things that I had historically inaccurate before receiving the information from a museum, as well as to add some things to the story that I believe will make it more interesting and complete the historical part of it.

Places Where I Did Some Writing This Week:

1. In the waiting room at the dentist’s office. I took my oldest son for his                                        dental checkup and cleaning, and I took my notebook along and wrote                                      some poems for my Thursday posts while I waited for him.

2. Since we were treated unkindly at the cafe we had enjoyed meeting in for                              quite some time, we have been meeting at a church. One of the ladies that                              is part of our little writers’ group attends that church and so when she                                      wasn’t able to join us this week, we thought we’d try somewhere else. So,                                we went to the local Tropical Smoothie Cafe which really wasn’t conducive                            to writing, if you like it relatively quiet to write, because they had music                                    playing quite loudly over the loudspeakers. So now we know another place                            we don’t want to go to write. It’s quite difficult to find good places to write,                            at least in the area we live in.

Conversation Starters:

1. If you’re a writer, what public places do you find comfortable and acceptable                        for writing?

2. What’s your favorite tea or coffee beverage in hot weather?

3. What part of the world do you call home?

4. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?

3 thoughts on “TeaTime Talk

  1. https://kellyfbarr.com/teatime-talk-rules-and-guidelines/

    What I’m reading-Paths In Time (A Collection of Short Stories) by Sylvia A.Nash. Great Stories! Great Writing!
    Currently Working On: My first fiction writing endeavor.
    Grateful for: My entire life; the way God has and continues to manage my life; and the Gift he is giving me by allowing husband and I to be with each other. Each Day is a Gift. Thank you Lord.

    Hello Lacrow. I don’t think you are alone. I know quite a few writers that make it a point to write at Starbucks. I write at home since I am caregiver to my beloved husband, Leo and our animals that also have health issues. Yes AZ is quite a change from PA. I’m in PA; Bucks County to be exact. I had the opportunity to be in AZ. I remember that the weather was ‘outstanding’. However I also remember that grass did not grow naturally in much of AZ; that in fact it was shipped in from other states. I would miss grass. Hopefully you are on property that has this for you. Yes, I’m with you in regards to loving all animals. I not sure why but I no longer kill any critter that may find its way into the house. I make every effort to transplant it outside. I gravitate towards dogs, however when I founded a Public Charity about 7 yrs. ago I also took care of pregnant moms and kittens. They are indeed different from dogs, but they certainly have their own ‘charm’. I hope someday that you are able to have a pet. Sounds as if you would like this very much.

    Do you think that you will make AZ your home forever?

    Favorite foods
    Great ending lines in movies or books.

    Take care. Mary


  2. All great questions, Kelly! 🙂 As for the places to write, I do love my Starbucks. 😉 Not necessarily quiet all the time, but somehow I manage to focus in on what needs done. But writing in my own bedroom is also my preferred spot to go, if I can convince my kids not to interrupt with too many questions!

    My new fav coffee beverage is Iced Coconut Mocha Macchiato. And I’ll admit, I’ve indulged far too many times this summer. 😉

    Right now the place I lay my head is Arizona, although I still feel my home is back in PA with my friends and family. Not sure if/when this will change. *Sigh*

    And honestly? I’m a whatever-animal-happens-to-be-around lover! Lol! I love dogs and cats and will never shy away from giving some love when I see one. We haven’t been able to own either animal over the years, due to various reasons, so I live vicariously through others! 🙂

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