A Big Change in my World

My husband and I are the proud parents of three wonderful boys, two of which are now grown. Our oldest went off to college last year, so this year he is a sophomore. It’s been a bit of challenge adjusting to his being gone. We miss him but are pleased to see him boldly going forth in the next stage of his life.

Now our middle son has decided to go much farther away than our oldest to attend a two year Bible school, with a third year option. Being left with just one in the house seems a huge difference and will most likely take a bit more time to get used to. Again, we are pleased to see this son also boldly going forth in the next stage of his life. We only hope this one will call us frequently since he will be much farther away.

Now, I am down to homeschooling my final child. We are enjoying this school year and it seems quite strange to only have to teach one child. This should also open up a bit more time for me to write, provided I use the extra time wisely.

Change is constant in our lives whether we like change or not. Some of us struggle more with change than others. I am not one who struggles very much with change.

How about you? What kinds of changes are you dealing with in your life right now?

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