The Tech by Mark Ravine

The Tech by [Mark Ravine]

The Tech is Mark Ravine’s debut novel. It is the story of  a team of FBI agents, led by Alexandra Cassidy. Alexandra just transferred to Arizona and, after checking the background of her team, considers the possibility that she was transferred to lead a team of misfits.

Mark Ravine did an excellent job in writing all of the mental aspects of this book — Alexandra’s thoughts, the thoughts of other characters, the processing of the information and evidence.

He also did a great job writing the IT stuff  in a way that an average, even non-techie reader like me can understand and follow. The IT character he created that works with Alexandra’s team was very well-developed and interesting. The story line that involves him kept me guessing.

The story follows Alexandra and her team through many cases which include murder, theft, human trafficking and so much more. Alexandra’s life is endangered more than once.

The story held my interest due to the interactions between Alexandra and her team as well as lots of good, witty dialogue.

In addition, I found many of the chapters to be quite long, and I felt that the action scenes lacked the suspense they could have had. Again, the character’s thought processes in these scenes were well done, but these lacked in edge-of-your-seat action and suspense, instead coming across as very matter-of-fact.

Therefore, I give this book a 4-star rating. All in all, if you like crime drama stories, I do recommend this book because it did keep me turning pages until the end, and I thought the ending was very well done as well. I will most likely pick up a Mark Ravine novel again in the future.

I did receive a free copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review, and this is my honest review.

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