Unique (Power Series Book Two) by Starr Z. Davies

Just like Ordinary, the first book of the Power Series, Unique by Starr Z. Davies was a fast-paced, page-turning story filled with action and fighting. The fight scenes are not gruesome in any way.

Ugene returns in this book, still battling Paragon because of their immoral and illegal activities as they continue to mislead the people of Epis. Still one of the few without a super power, Ugene shows over and over again that he can be just as formidable an opponent as anyone with a super power.

Ugene connects with each of his friends in a special way, and it was enjoyable to watch as their relationships developed, especially his relationships with Enid and Celeste, the most interesting character and the most unique relationship of all.

The ending of Unique was bittersweet and solid.

One thing I would like to point out is that in Ordinary, Ms. Davies very briefly mentioned that one of the characters had been in a gay relationship. In Unique, these two characters are reunited. However, the relationship is a very minor part of the book and really has very little to do with the storyline, and the only affection exchanged by the two is a hug.

Once again, I received an ebook copy of Unique by Starr Z. Davies for my honest review, and once again, I was not disappointed as I pushed my bedtime to the last possible minute each night because I didn’t want to stop reading. Unique also gets a 5 star rating from me.

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