Bag of Lies by Ricky Dean Wyrick

As a Book Reviewer, I received an Advanced Reader Copy of Bag of Lies, the debut novel by Ricky Dean Wyrick. for my honest review.

At first, it appears to be a historical fiction book set in the Civil War era. But, as you continue reading, a unique twist reveals this isn’t a historical fiction story about the North vs. the South.

Bag of Lies takes you on a journey and plunges you into the middle of a Civil War where it is sometimes hard to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Michael and a handful of his friends are soldiers in this war, but as friends become enemies and strangers seem like friends, Michael isn’t sure whom he can trust. Michael is sent on a special mission and is afraid of failing. As he attempts to accomplish his mission, more clues as to the true setting and actual story are revealed as Michael faces many struggles and challenges.

There are a couple scenes where Mr. Wyrick head hops, causing the reader to reread a paragraph or two to figure out whose point of view that particular section is coming from.

Ricky Dean Wyrick has woven a very unusual story with interesting twists and turns. Bag of Lies is the first book of a series. The end of Bag of Lies offers enough resolution to satisfy the reader, but also leaves a hint of things to come to whet the reader’s appetite for the next book in the Broken World Series.

Bag of Lies is a well-written, unique story. It is a tale of war, courage, friendship, betrayal, and much more. There is also an inspirational aspect to the story, and there is some mild profanity. If you’re looking for a Civil War story unlike any you’ve read before, I suggest you pick up Bag of Lies. You’re in for a treat!

In my opinion, this story is suitable for middle grade through adult.

I enjoyed Bag of Lies and look forward to the next book in the Broken World Series.

I give Bag of Lies by Ricky Dean Wyrick 4 stars.

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