Heart of a Runaway Girl by Trevor Wiltzen

Heart of a Runaway Girl by Trevor Wiltzen

As a Book Reviewer, I received a Free ebook copy of Heart of a Runaway Girl (A Mabel Davison Mystery), which is the debut novel of Trevor Wiltzen.

About the Book:

Mabel Davison is doing her best to raise her son, daughter, and niece, while running a motel and diner in a small mountain town. Mabel has a heart for people, and one day she notices a young couple in a back booth having an argument. The next thing she knows the town sheriff is telling her the young girl was brutally murdered and he has arrested the young black boyfriend that was with her in the diner.

Mabel is certain the boyfriend didn’t do it, and she starts poking around trying to find out who did, but it isn’t long before she pokes the local drug traders and makes some enemies. The sheriff tries to convince her to keep her nose out of things and says she needs to focus on taking care of her kids and her business, but Mabel cares to much to let an innocent man go to prison. But what she finds placing her and others in danger.

My Review:

Mabel Davison is a very likeable character with a big heart. She’s the kind of person everyone wishes they knew and called “friend”. She works hard and loves harder. She believes in truth and justice and personal rights and freedoms.

Trevor Wiltzen has done a great job with this first mystery novel in the Mabel Davison Mystery series. The story and characters are believable, and the small mountain town could be almost anywhere in 1980s America. Mr. Wiltzen draws the reader into the lives of Mabel and her family and soon the reader is rooting for Mabel in her determination to get to the truth. Things get intense and keep the reader on the edge of their seat, turning pages as Mabel faces some of the drug traders and heart-stopping danger comes to Mabel’s door.

Heart of a Runaway Girl is an outstanding debut mystery novel with a lovable amateur sleuth as the main character. I enjoyed the twists and turns that kept me guessing as to “whodunnit” til near the very end. I look forward to reading more Mabel Davison mysteries in the future.

I will mention that there is some violence in this book, but it is not graphic. There is also some profanity, but it is used sparingly and the characters who use it wouldn’t be as believable without it. The story also shows that Mabel believes in God, but this comes out in little bits and pieces and is not dwelt upon or preachy.

I give Heart of a Runaway Girl 5 stars.

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