Escape From Paradise (Walk With the Wind Book 1) by D. Richard Ferguson

Escape from Paradise : A Christian Adventure Novel (Walk with the Wind Series Book 1) by [D. Richard  Ferguson]

Escape From Paradise is the first book of a two-book set by D. Richard Ferguson. It is an allegorical tale that is reminiscent of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, but D. Richard Ferguson digs deeper and includes more abstract concepts. As a Book Reviewer, I received a free ebook copy, but was not under any obligation to write a positive review or any review of the book. This review is my honest opinion of Escape From Paradise by D. Richard Ferguson.

In Escape From Paradise, Adam is torn from his home and family and dropped into an unfamiliar world where gold heals and fruit is the main food source. He begins a new life for himself in this world and is content enough until a little girl claims she can take him to someone who can help him return to his family.

He then begins a journey where he encounters giants, wild animals, and marauding mountain people. He must decide who to trust, and must also face his own struggles and the reality of who he is, and he must make a decision that will change his life for better or worse forever.

D. Richard Ferguson’s novel is well written and the story is fast-paced and has well-developed characters that the reader can relate to. The story’s message is compelling and the tale draws the reader in. The novel offers plenty of adventure, danger, and suspense. The reader follows Adam’s life, struggles, and decisions, is forced to examine his or her own life struggles and decisions.

This is Book 1 of the two book, Walk With the Wind set, and this book offers enough of a satisfying resolution so as not to leave the reader hanging from a cliff, but promises more as it makes clear that Adam has an important job to do in the next book.

Escape From Paradise was a pleasure to read as it was well-written, well-edited, and engaged the reader in Adam’s life, compelling him or her to continue turning the pages.

I give Escape From Paradise by D. Richard Ferguson 5 stars, and I look forward to reading Book #2 of the Walk With the Wind series. I recommend this book for Young Adult and Adult readers. Younger readers may need some help in understanding some of the concepts presented in this book.

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