The Rhise of Light: Darkness Overcome (Book 1) by Max B. Sternberg

The Rhise Of Light: Darkness Overcome Book One (Darkness Overcome Series 1) by [Max B Sternberg]

The Rhise of Light: Darkness Overcome (Book 1) by Max B. Sternberg is a debut Christian fantasy novel. As a book reviewer, I received an Advance Reader Copy, and this is my honest review. I was not required to write a review of any kind.

I prefer a book that takes me deep into the mind of the main character, but this book was written mostly from a narrative point of view, therefore I wasn’t as deeply engaged in the main character’s life as I would have liked.

The main character, Leon returns home after his Naval airship is destroyed in battle. However, things at home are not what he had hoped and though he wants to help, he has no power to do so. Therefore he sets out on a new adventure, unsure of where he is going or what he will do.

Along his journey, he meets a dwarf, a pyromancer and her dog companion. These characters join him on his adventure after helping him battle a group of undead (a.k.a. zombies) that have been reeking havoc on their town. As this group of misfits continues on their journey, they meet more fantastical creatures and face more battles, and each of them must face pains of their past.

The main characters are my favorite part of the book. They are well-developed and unique, and seem an unlikely group of friends, but a bond of friendship builds between them.

There are some action scenes, as well as scenes of suspense that kept me turning pages.

Finally, there is a Christian message that threads throughout the story. I found it a bit unclear in some of its lessons, but it certainly exhibits hope and love.

I recommend this story to young adults and adults who enjoy Christian fantasy or who are looking for a story of friendship and hope amid life’s difficult struggles.

Max B. Sternberg promises two more books to come in this “Darkness Overcome” series.

I give The Rhise of Light 4 stars.

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