To Save a Life by Michelle Wright

To Save a Life (A Star Creek Christmas Book 1) by [Michelle Wright]

To Save a Life by Michelle Wright is the first book in Ms. Wright’s “A Star Creek Christmas” series. It is a clean, sweet romance story with endearing characters that have hearts for helping others.

Kayla works in a library and as Christmas approaches, the library begins planning programs for kids and families. Kayla, who experienced lymphoma as a teen, suggests having fundraising activities to support local charities that help people and that help children going through cancer. Her suggestion is approved and the planning begins.

Ben, one of Kayla’s coworkers finds that helping Kayla plan fundraising activities is a way to get to know her outside of the library.

Ms. Wright is a talented writer who has created a setting that could be anyone’s hometown and characters facing real life challenges. Her characters feel like friends and it is easy for the reader to get caught up in their lives – to laugh with then, hurt with them, and cheer them on.

The only thing I struggled with in To Save a Life were the typographical errors that frequently distracted me.

To Save a Life by Michelle Wright is a feel-good story and when the reader reaches the end, it’s almost disappointing to say goodbye to Kayla and Ben. Participating in their lives is fun and engaging. If you like reading romance stories with a touch of humor about characters, that could be your friends or family members, who handle life’s struggles with courage in a hometown setting, you will definitely enjoy To Save a Life (A Star Creek Christmas Book 1) by Michelle Wright.

I give To Save a Life by Michelle Wright 4 stars.

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