The Glass Bottom Boat by Laura Thomas

The Glass Bottom Boat (Flight to Freedom Book 1) by [Laura Thomas]

The Glass Bottom Boat is the first book in the “Flight to Freedom” series by Laura Thomas. It’s a romantic suspense story. The main characters are Madison and her sister, Chloe. The story is set in Jamaica. The ladies are there for Chloe’s “destination wedding” to Nathan, but there’s a lot more in store than a wedding.

The early chapters of the story focus on Chloe and Nathan and their upcoming wedding. There are some scenes where Madison begins to suspect someone is watching her. A threat of danger grows closer as Chloe’s wedding day approaches, and the suspense begins to intensify about midway through the book keeping the reader on the edge of their seat.

The Glass Bottom Boat is a sweet, clean romance with a clear Christian message as Madison, having a new found faith, sends some one or two line prayers to God during her struggles which helps her faith in God to grow. Luke, a missionary, spends time talking with Madison and encouraging her in her faith as well. However, all of the Christianity is done tastefully and is not overdone or preachy.

Laura Thomas did a great job of creating characters the reader cares about and in creating a story line that hooks the reader and keeps them turning pages to see what will happen next. She also throws in a couple twists and surprises. The book has been well-edited and is free of grammatical and typographical errors.

I highly recommend the Glass Bottom Boat to readers who enjoy a clean romance story with a suspenseful story line.

I give The Glass Bottom Boat by Laura Thomas 5 stars.

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