A Thousand Forevers by Joan Fennell Carringer

A Thousand Forevers: Inspirational Fiction (The Angel Craig Series Book 1) by [Joan Fennell Carringer]

A Thousand Forevers is the first of Joan Fennell Carringer’s “The Angel Craig” novels. She apparently wrote several books that include “The Angel Jack” prior to this novel, and though they are tied together, each can be read as a stand alone. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Carringer.

A Thousand Forevers is an Inspirational Fiction book and clean romance story. The novel begins with Ida receiving bad news which she determines to keep to herself. She also determines not to let it prevent her from enjoying her life.

When Ida and her friend, Nora, take a trip, it turns into quite an adventure when they rescue an elderly woman who believes in miracles and having fun. Ida begins to wonder if God might give her a miracle so that she would feel free to reveal her true feelings for someone.

Despite a handful of spelling and typographical errors and a couple instances of head-hopping which cause the reader to pause, A Thousand Forevers is a delightful story full of adventure, fun, and clean romance. It is an easy read with a message of hope and faith. The story also explores the power of prayer.

Readers who enjoy characters dealing with realistic problems, fears, and doubts, who learn valuable lessons, will enjoy A Thousand Forevers. Anyone looking for a story that includes humor and romance and a positive message will like this book.

I hope to read more of The Angel Craig novels, as well as The Angel Jack books by Joan Fennell Carringer and I give this book 4 stars.

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